Publication Clips

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Gospel of Grace_May 2019_Litchfield Connection Column

Leading with Mercy_Profile of the President of the University of St. Joseph CT_April 2019_Today’s American Catholic

April at the Shore_April 2019_Litchfield Connection Column

Dance of the Trees_Poetry Challenge Winner_Spring 2019_Woods Reader MN

I’m a Convicted Toll Evader, and I’m Only a Little Ashamed_March 2019_Hartford Courant CT

Reprint of March’s Tender Promise_March 2019_Litchfield Connection Column

Be Still and Know…_March 2019_Today’s American Catholic

A Toll Tale_February 2019_Litchfield Connection Column

Begin Again to Love_Jan-Feb 2019_Today’s American Catholic

Leaning In_Jan 2019_Litchfield Connection Column

What If There Were No Gifts Under the Tree_Dec 2018_Today’s American Catholic

Bring on the Light_Dec 2018_Litchfield Connection Column

Reprint of Thanksgiving Walk Nov 2018_Today’s American Catholic

Reprint of Thanksgiving Walk_Nov 2018_Litchfield Connection Column

Book Review_White Picket Fences_Oct 2018_Today’s American Catholic

The Case for Church_Aug-Sept 2018_Today’s American Catholic

Thanksgiving Walk_Nov 2017_Green Mountain Trading Post VT

March’s Tender Promise_March 2013_Litchfield County Times CT

Letter to the Editor_April 2007_New York Times