I’m nobody! Who are you?

Are you nobody, too?

~Emily Dickinson

Yes Emily, I’m nobody, too. Quite happy to be somebody who is nobody like everybody.

Joy of life…hiking the woods with my husband and relishing the afterglow view

Fabric of Life: Family! One husband, one daughter, two sons, one son-in-law, one daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren. Blessedly, all on the east coast.

Thread of Life: Schools–many of them. Some as student, some as teacher, some as administrator. All of them fun. SUNY Oneonta-BA; San Diego State University-MA; elementary school teacher; reading consultant; College of William & Mary-Ed.D.; Christopher Newport University (VA) – associate professor of education; CNA Corporation-business analyst; Post University (CT)-academic program manager; dean of education; university provost.

Second Life: Writer–who would have thought? Personal essays, memoir, spiritual, book reviews, profiles, Litchfield Connection essay columnist, regular contributor to Today’s American Catholic.

Favorite Days: Writing, breakfast, reading, playing piano (another who would have thought…), writing, lunch, walking in woods, writing group, tea, library, supper, book club, reading, bed. (No, Mom, housework is not on the list.) Lots of family phone time in-between.

Writing Groups: Litchfield CT Writer’s Guild; Word Weavers–Berkshire; Litchfield CT Community Writers Group; Bethlehem CT Library Coffee House and writing workshops with Dawn Hoffman; Litchfield Library writing class; Litchfield Community Center writing class; Writer’s Digest Annual Conference workshops; Block Island Writer’s Weekend; Flanders Nature Center (Woodbury, CT) nature writing class; Best Writing Buddy Monthly Salon.

You simply can’t be in too many writing groups; unless they prevent you from actually writing…